An Alternative Solution to .htaccess File

You got accustomed to using .htaccess file to set up redirects, caching, and security rules. It is a nifty tool available in your web toolbox. .htaccess file is native to Apache server.

We don’t use Apache server. That’s why .htaccess file doesn’t work.

Instead, we use Nginx server. It’s more powerful and provides better performance for the websites, but it doesn’t use .htaccess. It uses configuration files, ending in .conf.

Due to security and performance concerns, we don’t allow users to modify Nginx configuration files. Our support team can help make necessary changes if needed. Let’s take a look at a few specific scenarios you normally would use .htaccess for.


Setting up redirects is one of the most common uses of .htaccess. When you need to set up redirects with us, you have several options.

  1. Set up redirects in WordPress: This is the recommended option to set up redirects. We recommend Redirection plugin to set up your redirects. It offers many features and options, far more flexible than .htaccess would give you.
  2. Contact Support: If you really need to set up redirects on the server side, open a ticket and explain what type of redirects you need. If you have .htaccess redirects, do share them as we can convert them into Nginx rules. We’ll review your request, and if there are no issues we’ll implement redirects for your website.

Caching & Security

Our servers are already optimized with proper caching and security rules, commonly found in .htaccess. In most cases, what you may need has already been implemented. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Open a ticket and share your request with us. We’ll review it and let you know what your options are.

Something else?

If there’s something specific you would like to do using .htaccess file, open a ticket and explain it. We’ll see if we can help. If it’s something we can’t implement on our servers, we’ll help you figure out an alternative approach to get it done. We’re here to help!

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