WordPress Hosting

Learn how to create, manage, and grow your WordPress websites hosted on ProjectArmy’s managed hosting.

An Alternative Solution to .htaccess File

We use Nginx server to host websites, it doesn’t use .htaccess file. Learn about alternative options available to you in lieu of .htaccess file.

Blacklisted & Banned Plugins

See a list of blacklisted and banned plugins, and learn why they are on the list.

Database Hostname

Use “localhost” as your database hostname. It should already be set automatically for you and can’t be changed.

Easy Digital Downloads File Protection on Nginx

Download files sold with Easy Digital Downloads are protected by default on ProjectArmy’s servers. No further action is necessary.

How to Edit wp-config.php File

Learn why you can’t edit wp-config.php file directly, and why you should make changes to custom-config.php. You’ll see a list of constants that can’t be changed, too.

My WordPress Is Hacked. What Do I Do Now?

We provide security for all websites by default. This includes preventative measures and malware clean up. Learn what you need to do if your WordPress website has been hacked.

Website Suspensions & Terminations

Learn about our customer friendly suspension and termination policy to understand what happens, when it happens, and how we try to protect your website.

Where to Find Access & Error Logs

We provide all necessary logs, including access, error, and slow scripts logs to help with troubleshooting.

Why WordPress Cron Is Disabled

We disable built-in WordPress cron and enable system cron instead to improve performance and reliability of your scheduled tasks.

Why You Can’t Delete ProjectArmy’s User

Learn why every WordPress hosted with us must have a special “projectarmy” administrative user to provide effortless support and experience.