Where to Find Access & Error Logs

You can find logs using SFTP access. That’s the only way to access them.

We offer the following logs for the past 3 calendar days:

  • Nginx access log
  • Nginx error log
  • PHP access log
  • PHP error log
  • PHP slow executing scripts log

PHP slow executing scripts log will record scripts that take more than 5 seconds to execute. Great for troubleshooting slow performance.

Logs Location

All logs are inside a log directory, in your user’s home directory. Home directory is the first directory you will see upon connecting to the server via SFTP.

Where to find logs

  1. Your user’s home directory (in this case username is wp-model).
  2. log directory with a website’s domain directory inside (in this case mywordpresscom).
  3. All relevant logs. PHP logs will include version number in the log’s name (in this case 7.2).

If you have any questions about logs, contact support team to get help.

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