Website Suspensions & Terminations

Over the years, we’ve worked with dozens of hosting providers while building and managing WordPress websites. None of them have customer friendly policies for suspensions and terminations.

We’ve seen websites suspended or deleted without any regard for the customer many times, even worked with customers to help recover deleted websites.

That’s why our suspension and termination policies are completely different, with focus on customer needs while still remaining firm.

Website Suspensions

Many of our customers rely on their website for income. We don’t want to cause unnecessary stress by taking website completely down, unlike our competitors.

When your website is suspended, it remains live and operational to your visitors. Instead, we suspend your login access so you can’t access your WP-ADMIN backend. You will receive an error that your service has been suspended.

For non-payment, we suspend websites 48 hours (2 days) past the due date. After 30 days being overdue on a payment, website will be terminated (deleted). But there’s a friendly policy for that, too.

Website Termination

Many have lost their websites because, for one reason or another, their hosting provider deleted it. We’ve seen people lose 10, 15 years worth of content because they were traveling and missed email notifications to pay for the hosting. In some instances, it may be possible to recover some of your content after it was deleted. So if that happened to you, contact us for assistance.

Whatever the reason is for missing a payment, you shouldn’t lose your website content.

That’s why we offer industry’s first customer friendly termination policy.

When you’re overdue on a payment, we keep your website online for 30 days. Once that grace period expires, your website will be archived for 1 year (365 days), taken offline, and service terminated.

If websites are terminated due to violations of any of our agreements, including but not limited to Acceptable Use Policy, they will NOT be archived. Termination and deletion will be permanent in these cases.

What does archiving mean?

Your success is our bottom line, that’s why we don’t want you to lose your website. Whatever the reason is for missing payment, intentional or unintentional, we will save your website.

Before website is deleted, our system will create a full backup of your WordPress files and database. This archived copy of your website will be uploaded and stored for 1 year (365 days) in our secure vault.

How do I recover website from an archive?

When you come back and ready to reactivate your service, we’ll be happy to recover your website from the archived backup for free. Website will be fully operational and look just like the day it was archived.

If you need more time than 1 year or you decide to go with another hosting provider, you can request to download a copy of your archived website for free. Keep it safe on your computer, upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Contact support if you want to recover website and/or download archived copy of your website.

Can archived copy be deleted?

Yes, if you don’t want to wait 365 days for automatic deletion you can request manual deletion by contacting support.

Keep in mind, we do want to keep you online. If you’re struggling or need a bit more time to pay, contact support to make arrangements. Terminations are the last resort if we don’t hear from you.

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