Privacy Protection Is Not Available for Some Domains

Privacy protection feature allows you to hide your private contact information from public WHOIS database. ProjectArmy values your privacy, that’s why we offer privacy protection for free with all domains registered with us.

However, not all domains (TLDs) support or allow privacy protection. In most cases, it’s the registry in charge of the TLD that sets the rules. We simply must comply with those rules. Below, you’ll find a list of TLDs that don’t support privacy protection feature.

Due to Registry Operator Restrictions

  • .ASIA
  • .BLOG
  • .CA
  • .CN
  • .DE
  • .ES
  • .EU
  • .IN
  • .NZ
  • .PRO
  • .RU
  • .SX
  • .TEL
  • .US
  • .UK
.UK Registrants who are non-trading individuals (those who do not use or plan to use their domain name for business, trade [including registration of domain names for monetization purposes] or professional transactions) can choose to opt out of having their Contact Details displayed in the WHOIS database. This option can be enabled in Nominet control panel.

Due to Other Restrictions

  • .ORG.CO
  • .MIL.CO
  • .GOV.CO
  • .EDU.CO

If you have any questions about privacy protection service, reach out to our support. We’re happy to help.

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