Domain Auto-Renewal and Deletion Policies


All registered domains are set to auto-renew by default to prevent accidental deletions and loss of ownership. You must have a valid credit card or PayPal account on file for auto-renewal to work. We cannot be held responsible for expired and/or deleted domains, and any damages associated with it, due to issues with your payment method. It is your responsibility to ensure we have a valid payment method on file.

Domain Name Deletion

If you DO NOT renew the domain name before the registration expiration date, your domain name will expire. As early as one day after expiration, your domain name will be deactivated and will display a parking page indicating the domain name has expired, and other services you have associated with the domain name may no longer function.

As early as 36 days after expiration, your domain name may be purchased by a third party. If a third party purchases the domain name during this time, the domain name will not be available for you to renew.

If the domain name has not been renewed by you or purchased by a third party, an expired domain name enters the registry redemption period (as defined by each registry) approximately 40 days following expiration. Certain TLDs enter the registry redemption period sooner than 40 days. We reserve the right to charge you a redemption fee (in addition to the renewal fee) in the event you are able to renew your domain name during this period. The fee charged for redemption varies by TLD.

If the domain name completes the registry redemption period, the registry may hold the domain name for a period of five days before releasing it again for general registration.

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