Blacklisted & Banned Plugins

Our goal is to provide hassle-free and smooth experience of having a self-hosted WordPress for non-technical users. To do that, we had to put certain restrictions in place to improve security, performance, and reliability of our hosting platform.

There are 2 types of plugin restrictions that we have:

Banned Plugins

There’s one restriction that spans across all types of plugins that bans their use.

We don’t allow plugins that haven’t had any updates in 2 years or more.

Many plugins are abandoned by developers. Lack of timely updates causes security and performance issues for our customers’ websites.

If you try to circumvent our restriction, we reserve the right to delete the plugin without notice. That being said, in most cases we’ll reach out to you and will either recommend an alternative or ask you to find a new plugin.

We highly recommend you contact support if you need an outdated plugin. We can review the plugin and see if there are any better, up-to-date alternatives to make sure you get something better.

Blacklisted Plugins

Unlike banned plugins, blacklisted plugins are specific plugins that can’t and shouldn’t be installed on our hosting platform. Again, we do this to give you better experience while ensuring security, performance, and reliability.

Even if blacklisted plugin is up-to-date, they can’t be installed and activated. You will see an error message trying to activate blacklisted plugin.

The main categories of blacklisted plugins are:

  • Caching plugins – we provide advanced caching functionality that integrates with our servers and optimizes performance. Regular caching plugins won’t provide the same level of integration and cache purging. You will have problems.
  • Security plugins – we take care of the security and ask you to trust us, every website comes with Shield Security Pro plugin already.
  • Plugins with vulnerabilities – if plugins have vulnerabilities, we will blacklist them.
  • Resource hoggers – plugins that use excessive server resources. For example, related posts plugins and broken link checkers.

We want to give you hassle-free experience, that’s why we ask you to trust us.

List of blacklisted plugins coming soon.

We can whitelist certain plugins on a case by case basis for individual websites. Please contact support to request a review, and provide plugin name and why you need it whitelisted. We will review your request, but can’t guarantee approval.
If these restrictions are a deal-breaker for you and you want to migrate to a new hosting provider, that’s the right choice for you. We will be happy to migrate you to your new host free of charge.

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